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It’s incredibly important that you get a pre-approved home loan before you start looking to purchase.

This way you know exactly what your purchase limit is. There is no cost to do this even if you don’t end up purchasing.

A pre-approval normally lasts for 60 days. It can be rolled over for a further 60 days if your financial circumstances do not change.

Even though there is paperwork involved, I make the process straight forward and will have a response for you within a couple of days.

At the bottom of this page you’ll find the required supporting documentation for your application.

By using me as your Mortgage Broker, I take the hard work out of it for you. Because I deal with the banks directly on your behalf, you save time and money.

To start your application, you can either:

  • Download and complete the attached form and send to me by via email
  • Meet with me in person to discuss
  • Or complete over the phone (if time or distance is an issue)

Supporting Documents

Supporting Documents Checklist

You will need everything below in order to support your application:

Latest 4 months of consecutive bank statements

These need to show:
Your name
Your address
Dated within the last month
Where your income goes

NOTE: An Excel spreadsheet can not be used for this.

3 Most recent payslips

A copy of your Employment contract

Photo Id – Passport or Driver’s License

This needs to:

  • Be current
  • Be signed
  • Show front & back (driver’s license only)

4 Months of bank statements showing your Savings

Gifted Letter (only if part of your loan is Gifted)

This needs to state that the money is gifted and not to be repaid but could be repaid upon the sale of the house (Deed of Acknowledgement of Debt – non-interest bearing, repayable on sale of asset)

Confirmation of Kiwi-Saver– letter/email from Kiwi-Saver

This will state how much you can use as a deposit for a first home.

Confirmation of Subsidy

A pre-approval for the subsidy if you are eligible.

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